Patient wellness/Preventative Medicine education

 Complete adult medical care

 Gynecologic care including cryotherapy, colposcopy, and annual Pap smear and breast exams

 Radiography (x-rays)

 Electrocardiogram (EKG)

 Holter Monitor

 Allergy and Immunotherapy

 Physical Examinations (Preventative and Pre-Operative)

 Sports Medicine

 Accident and Injury care

 Wound care

 Fracture care

 Skin lesion and wart removal

 Flu Shots

 In-House laboratory

 Occupational Medicine including FAA and DOT exams

Services We Provide at Grant Medical Center

In-Office Services Provided

 Full In-Patient Hospital Care

 Upper GI endoscopy



 Surgical assisting with specialist physicians

 Sleep Study Interpretation

 Cardiovascular stress testing